Latil Tractor

Construction Tractor
Year 1935
Price € 27.500,-
Axle configuration 4x4
Fuel Other
General state Value.state.gemiddeld
Technical state Value.state.gemiddeld
Optical state Value.state.gemiddeld
Latil Tractor
1935 | € 27.500,-
€ 27.500,-

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It is built in France, ca 1935-1940 ,,, 2 cylinder ,, 15 hp at 1200 rpm ,, 4 wheel drive, 4 wheel steer, 8 gears forward, 2 reverse.
Max speed 35 KMH
To my knowledge, no 2 cylinders are offered on the internet, but 4 and 6 cylinders, many more have been built
It has served to pull ships through the French canals and locks, there is a rope bracket above the rear wheels, and a towing hook for towing ships half under the 'cabin', a trailer was later attached to the automatic towing beak, this is not original and can be removed,
It is in good technical condition, the appearance is somewhat less.
An original oil pump was later mounted to brake and steer a trailer hydraulically.

€ 27500 margin, on behalf of the customer
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